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Focusrite Red 8Pre announced

New top-of-the-range audio interface unveiled

Continuing to make good use of the high-speed Thunderbolt interface standard, Focusrite have added a new interface above their former flagship interface — the Red 8Pre. The new eight-preamp interface features 16 analogue inputs and 18 analogue outputs from a total track count of 64-in/64-out, all in a 1U rackmount. With dual Thunderbolt 2, Pro Tools HD DigiLink and Dante ports, it looks very well-connected indeed. 

Round-trip latency as low as 1.67ms permits recording with preferred plug-ins in real-time and simplifies workflow - no need for cue mix utilities or outboard DSP - while dual DigiLink ports connect the Red 8Pre directly to any Pro Tools | HD system.

The eight mic pres are the same Red Evolution mic pres as those found in the Red 4Pre and has noise specs of 129 dB EIN and 63dB of gain. The preamps include Focusrite's unique ‘Air’ effect, recreating in the analogue domain the sound of the transformer-based mic preamps in the classic ISA range - ideal for bringing out the breathy quality of a vocal or adding presence to an acoustic guitar. Red 8Pre also includes two high-headroom instrument inputs, instantly accessible from the front panel.

Every Red 8Pre includes Focusrite Control software, allowing mic preamp control and the quick and intuitive set-up of mixes and monitors; the Red plug-in suite; and Softube's Time and Tone bundle.

The Focusrite Red 8Pre will be available from dealers for £3199.99 / $3499.99

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