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Frankfurt 2009: TC Electronic BMC2 (Video)

Monitor Controller & D-A converter
As studio gizmos go, the TC Electronic BMC2 is pretty handy. It’s a digital-to-analogue converter, monitor controller and headphone amp all-in-one and, with a desktop footprint about the same size as a DVD case, you’re not going to have to annex your machine room to find space for it.

It has S/PDIF, ADAT and TOS digital inputs and outputs (the S/PDIF socket can also read AES3 signals), and the user can select which input they’re monitoring using controls on the top panel. The BMC2 is capable of driving two pairs of studio monitors: one analogue and one digital. Monitor destinations are, again, switched from the device’s control panel.

Other features include 11-step metering with overload LEDs; a function to set and recall a reference level; dim and cut switches; and a headphones output with dedicated level control. Interestingly, the BMC2 also has the capacity to switch between conventional L/R stereo and mid/sides modes, so you can monitor just the sides channel, or just the mono sum, then revert to listening to the ‘normal’ stereo signal.

The device has TC Electronic's “high performance” JET jitter-reduction system on board that’s based on technology designed for their System 6000 effects processor.

The BMC2 is expected to begin shipping at the end of May. At the time of writing, US or UK prices were not available, but the Euro price of 599 should give you an idea of how much it will cost.

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