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Free morphing filter from Minimal Audio

Rift Filter Lite released

Minimal Audio Rift Filter Lite

Minimal Audio are a brand-new software company, founded by a small team of musicians, sound designers and software engineers. Their website has just launched, and their debut plug-in is available there for free, as a time-limited introductory offer (normal price $49).

Rift Filter Lite is described as a “next-gen morphing filter”, and it offers 24 different filter shapes, covering vowel-like sounds, phasing, overtone boosting, howling, snarling and more. You can use MIDI data to lock its frequencies to specific musical notes, apply it in stereo (where a Spread control varies how tightly the left and right frequencies match), and use it as a parallel processor courtesy of the Filter Mix slider at the bottom.

Minimal Audio are calling Rift Filter Lite the most flexible filter on the market — a claim you can judge for yourself by downloading it at the link below. They'll be adding more plug-ins to their portfolio over the coming weeks, and we'll bring you news of them as they're announced.

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