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Genelec  unveil new high-SPL  monitors

Immersive Audio applications targeted with latest range

Genelec have today announced two brand new high-SPL SAM  monitors — the two-way  S360 and  the  7382  subwoofer. Both  are ideal for professional  applications  that demand high acoustic  power or listening at a distance. This is a play by the company to move into the Immersive Audio space. 

They are also publishing a new set of educational tools aimed at helping professionals better understand and use Immersive Audio, including insights into the most commonly adopted formats and the Genelec solutions required to make the most of them.

The S360 is housed in a compact, low diffraction enclosure, and features a 10-inch, high-efficiency, low-distortion woofer based on Genelec’s Master Series. This is complemented by a completely integrated extended directivity control waveguide (or DCW), supporting its 1.7-inch titanium diaphragm compression tweeter. 

The result, say Genelec, combines the neutrality for which the company’s products are known, with a short-term SPL capability of 118 dB — with peaks even higher — and a long throw capability that can provide reference quality accuracy even at listening distances of over 10 metres (33 feet). 

According to Genelec, the S360 offers the benefits of main monitor performance in a condensed form factor, including excellent on-axis characteristics and uncoloured 95-degree (h) to 75-degree (v) dispersion. 

The  S360  enclosure  offers  versatile in-wall and on-wall mounting options, while downward-firing,  flow optimised  laminar integrated  reflex ports  (or LIPs)  ensure  tight and noise-free  bass  output, ideally suited to work with perforated screens. 

The S360 can also comfortably be used in free-standing mode, whereupon its innovative  ‘Iso-Plate ’ effectively decouples the monitor from its base, focusing low-frequency  output  while preventing vibration  transfer and  air  turbulence. 

The 7382 is Genelec’s most powerful subwoofer to date and is designed to accompany the S360. Delivering  low-frequency extension down to a thunderous 15 Hz, the 7382 houses three custom-designed 15-inch,  long-throw woofers. Each  benefits  from the  vibration-free  environment of a heavily braced fibreboard enclosure, with laminar flow bass reflex porting extending along the entire rear wall to ensure low distortion  and compression-free  performance,  even  when the  7382 delivers outputs  in excess of  130 dB SPL.

Both the S360 and  7382   work with GLM software to control precise  level-alignment, time-alignment  and  room-compensation, as well as bass management,  solve issues of subwoofer placement in unpredictable rooms — or  even to build entire  arrays of  Genelec  subwoofers. 

These are seriously high-end monitors carrying an equally high-end price of $4595/€3360 each for the S360 and $11,995 /€8800 each for the 7382 subwoofers.…

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