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HTWK Leipzig immersive studios

University installs Genelec speaker systems

HTWK Leipzig immersive audio monitoring Genelec The Ones 8331 8340 8350 7360 7370 7380 GLM 4 DSP correction

Leipzig University of Applied Sciences (HTWK Leipzig) in Germany have recently upgraded their studio facilities with Genelec monitoring systems, providing students across their courses with access to flexible production and presentation spaces where they are able to create and play back material in a range of immersive audio formats.

The Ones series monitors have been used throughout the new spaces, with the presentation room now kitted out with a 7.1.4 system capable of playing back audio in formats such as Dolby Atmos, Auro 3D, and MPEG-H, and the production suite able to facilitate the creation of mixes in formats all the way up to 17.2. The company’s three-way 8331 models feature heavily, along with both the 8340 and 8350 two-way variants, whilst a selection of 7360, 7370, and 7380 subwoofers have been employed to take care of the low end.

In addition to the speakers themselves, Genelec’s GLM 4 calibration software has played a key role in the configuration of each room, helping to ensure that each system is optimised for the room and allowing lecturers to explain and demonstrate the capabilities of DSP correction.

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