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IK Multimedia introduce iLoud MTM MkII

Improved frequency response, DSP power & more

IK Multimedia iLoud MTM MKII compact studio monitor built-in DSP room correction

IK Multimedia have announced the launch of the iLoud MTM MkII, a new and improved version of their hugely popular compact nearfield studio monitors. Despite the originals already punching well above their weight, the latest models manage to deliver improved specifications across the board, with an extended frequency response, increased DSP power and more. 

What’s New?

The iLoud MTM MkII employs a new driver design that benefits from the use of a lighter, stiffer material, resulting in improved midrange clarity and the ability to reproduce frequencies as low as 36Hz, and the overall response of the monitor is now flat within ±2dB between 48Hz and 28kHz (compared to 50Hz and 24kHz in the original). Along with the frequency response improvements, the design also offers improved horizontal dispersion, allowing for a wider monitoring ‘sweet spot’. 

The integrated DSP now runs at 96kHz instead of 48kHz, and the system benefits from the latest ARC correction algorithms, with IK Multimedia’s X-MONITOR software providing access to parameters that extend beyond what’s available via the rear-panel controls. These include delay compensation — something that’s of particular use for those running multi-speaker surround and immersive setups — and the ability to choose between different voicing settings that emulate the response of over 20 different monitoring systems. The monitors can be purchased individually, in pairs, or as an 11-speaker immersive bundle, and those buying either a pair or bundle will also receive a free ARC MEMS measurement microphone that can be used to carry out the room-correction process. 

Power management has also been improved, allowing each unit to produce a maximum SPL of 112.5dB, an improvement over the previous version’s 110.5dB. 

iLoud MTM Review

Even with the technical improvements, the new monitors still retain all of the features that made the original so popular, including their compact size and keen pricing! To find out more, you can check out our review of the iLoud MTM here.

Pricing and Availability

The iLoud MTM MkII monitors are available now, with pricing as follows:

  • iLoud MTM MkII (Single): $399.99 — ARC MEMS microphone not included
  • iLoud MTM MkII (Pair)$799.99 — Includes ARC MEMS microphone
  • iLoud MTM MkII (11-Speaker Immersive Bundle)$3999.99 — Includes ARC MEMS microphone

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