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IK Multimedia T-RackS Comprexxor Plug-in Giveaway

Complete a short survey and receive IK's Comprexxor for free.

IK Multimedia T-RackS Comprexxor

IK Multimedia are giving away their superb T-RackS Comprexxor until 20 September. All they ask in exchange is for a couple of minutes of your time and responses to a short online survey about studio monitors.

IK’s Comprexxor is based on one of the most flexible and creative analogue compressors ever made. With clues from the included features and UI design, this is one formidable emulation of the coveted Empirical Labs Distressor. It provides versatile tools that can cover all kinds of sound shaping applications, from subtle to radical.

There are eight selectable compression curves each with their own automatic threshold setting. These range from adding colour with no compression at 1:1 all the way to the MAX setting, which as you would expect gives dramatic and hard limiting. You can double up these options too by alternating between the overarching ‘GB’ and ‘Optical’ modes.

IK Multimedia T-RackS Comprexxor Interface

Comprexxor also replicates the characteristic warmth found in analogue gear. There are two settings, the colour section offering 2nd order tube-like or 3rd order tape-like harmonic distortion. This can be precisely dialled in with a dedicated control. More sound-shaping capabilities come from the advanced sidechain section, which can focus on specific frequencies thanks to the inclusion of two adjustable filters.

Being part of IK Multimedia’s stable of T-RackS plug-ins, Comprexxor offers two ways to work: either as a stand-alone plug-in, or inside the T-RackS 5 shell. The T-RackS shell offers a modular system with up to 16-processor chains, series and parallel routing, easy A/B/C/D comparisons, up to 192 kHz / 32-bit floating point processing and more.

How to get your free copy of T-RackS Comprexxor

  • To participate in IK's brief survey about studio monitors, log in/register an IK account at: Comprexxor Giveaway
  • Download and open IK Product Manager
  • Select Manage My Products and then using the Software tab, click the Install button next to T-RackS 5
  • Use the Authorize button to the right of T-RackS 5

Users who don't yet own any version of T-RackS 5 can simply download and install T-RackS 5 CS with the IK Product Manager. The free CS version comes with 2 essential mixing tools: Classic T-RackS Equalizer, a high-quality 6-band parametric EQ as well as Metering, a limited version of the complete T-RackS 5 metering section.

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