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Waves Harmony is now available

Generate eight part harmonies from a single vocal

Waves Harmony automatic vocal harmoniser plug-in

Waves have announced that Waves Harmony, a real-time vocal harmony plug-in capable of generating up to eight harmonies from a single voice, is now available for purchase. Suitable for both studio and live performance tasks, Harmony provides a quick and easy way to surround solo vocals with multi-part harmonies.

Three modes of operation are available: an automatic mode allows users to choose from a bank of chord presets and have the plug-in instantly create harmonies for any vocal, a playable MIDI mode will use chords and notes played by a MIDI keyboard to pitch the harmonies, and a graphical mode provides a visual display, with users able to draw in their parts. There is also the ability to save snapshots, allowing different settings to be applied for different sections of a song.

Once harmonies are being generated, the plug-in offers a host of controls to tailor the resulting sound. Pitch, formant, panning, delay, filtering and modulation controls are available for each individual voice, allowing for the creation of more obvious effects in addition to natural sounding harmony parts. Waves say that aside from harmonies, these controls make the plug-in equally useful in creating doubling effects, layering vocal stacks and crafting creative voicings.

Waves Harmony is available now, and is currently (2 August 2022) priced at $39.99, with a full list price of $149. The plug-in is also included in Waves’ Mercury, SD7 Pro Show, Pro Show and Vocal Production bundles. More information is available on the Waves website.

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