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Kemper announce rack and power amp versions of profiling amp

New units able to drive speaker cabs

Profiling amplifier from Kemper now available in rack-mountable designKemper Profiler RackIn April 2012 we reviewed Kemper’s profiling amplifier (review here). Now, with NAMM fast approaching, they’ve announced new versions of their unique guitar amp simulator.

These come in three different flavours - Profiler Rack, Profiler PowerRack and Profiler PowerHead. The differences between them are largely given away by their titles.

The Profiler Rack (pictured) is a rack-mountable version of the original unit, useful for those users where space is at a premium in the studio.

The PowerHead comes in the same form factor as the original unit but addresses a key criticism of the first Profiler in offering the ability to play through a speaker cabinet. PowerHead is equipped with a 600W power amplifier and a feature called ‘CabDriver’ which alleges to give you the same ‘amp in the room’ sound on stage or in the rehearsal room without any need for additional tweaking.

Finally, the third new product in the range, Profiler PowerRack, combines the features of both previously mentioned products in a rack-mountable unit with a built-in 600W power amplifier. It seems to be aimed at guitarists and engineers who want to transfer their recorded sound to the stage (or vice-versa) with minimum fuss.

Pricing is as follows but availability is yet to be confirmed.

Profiler Rack: €1550 / $2025
Profiler PowerHead: €2100 / $2730
Profiler PowerRack: €2100 / $2730

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