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Kemper announce Liquid Profiling technology

Combines profiling with conventional modelling

Kemper Liquid Profiling amp modelling technology beta

Kemper have announced a public beta of Liquid Profiling, a new technology for their platform which they say seamlessly blends their patented approach to amplifier profiling with conventional modelling techniques. The approach aims to allow users to enjoy exact profiles of their individual amps whilst gaining the additional control over settings offered by modelling technologies.

Whilst the company’s profiling technology has been praised for its authenticity and sound quality at fixed settings, many users have discovered limitations, with the profiles becoming less authentic-sounding with further fine-tuning. Changes of EQ or gain levels, for example, would result in the profiles behaving in a different way to the original amplifier, something which many users have found frustrating.

Now, with the addition of some extra steps in the profiling process that capture the amplifier’s sound at a range of different settings, users are able to benefit from the same authentic recreation that the Kemper system is renowned for, whilst gaining more freedom to adjust settings and have the profile react in the same way that the amp itself would.

Kemper are so confident in the ability of the new technology, that they say it doesn’t just provide users with the “best of both worlds”, it simply gives them both worlds!


The public beta of the company’s OS 10.0 is available now as a free download from the company’s website, and comes loaded with a range of Liquid Profiling content. As the software is currently at the beta stage of development, Kemper recommend against its use for productions and touring.…

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