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Kemper reveal Profiler Player

Profiler range gains pedalboard-friendly model

Kemper Profiler Player pedalboard amp modelling effects pedal

The latest addition to Kemper’s Profiler range promises to turn any pedalboard into an arena-grade touring rig. The Profiler Player comes in a compact stompbox enclosure, and is fully compatible with any Profile from the company’s extensive library of free and commercial offerings.

Compact Design

The new unit occupies around the same amount of space as two average-sized pedals, and is kitted out with an identical amp section to its larger siblings, offering access to the full collection of Kemper amp tones, effects settings, impulse response loading and switching capabilities. Rigs from the larger Profiler systems can all be used with the Player, and are compatible within the limits of the unit’s four effects slots — there are two dedicated ‘pre’ slots before the amp modelling, and two ‘post’ which are placed after.

There’s a vast collection of built-in effects, with processors such as as delay and reverb offering a spillover function to ensure that their decay is not cut off when switching presets. Kemper also say that the Player will respond to the likes of drive pedals at its input in the same way as a real amp, so users are free to use it in conjunction with their other favourite pedals.


Despite its compact form factor, there’s plenty of hands-on control provided, with dedicated top-panel knobs providing access to key functions such as gain and EQ along with effects and master levels. A row of buttons offer quick access to different presets, and are joined by three footswitches that can be assigned to a number of different functions by the user. There’s also support for an external expression pedal or additional footswitches for those wishing to expand the unit’s control capabilities.


Kemper Profiler Player Power Kabinet guitar full-range speakerThe Profiler Player connected to a pair of Kemper's Power Kabinet speakers and an external expression pedal.Along with a direct XLR output designed to provide a feed to a PA or recording system, the Profiler Player is also equipped with a pair of quarter-inch TS outputs that can be used to connect a powered speaker cabinet for monitoring purposes. Kemper say that the unit can essentially be turned into a combo amp by connecting either one or two of their own Power Kabinet speakers.

There’s also a stereo headphone output — which utilises a Space effect to combat ear fatigue when rehearsing — along with USB connectivity that provide both audio and MIDI interfacing capabilities for integration with a DAW and external USB MIDI controllers, as well allowing for data backup/restore and software updates.

Those wishing to dig deeper into the pedal’s settings need look no further than Kemper’s Rig Manager remote application for iOS, macOS and Windows, which can connect to the Player via WLAN or USB. There’s also bluetooth connectivity, making it possible to connect a mobile device in order to play along to songs and backing tracks.

Pricing & Availability

The Profiler Player is available now, priced at $698.

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