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KRK Subwoofer revamped
Following the launch of their second generation (G2) Rokit active monitors earlier this year, loudspeaker manfacturer KRK have revamped their RP10 subwoofer, renaming it the KRK10S. Probably the most noticeable difference of the new sub is the shape of its enclosure. It’s been given the ‘curved edges’ treatment, just like the new G2s: a feature that helps to reduce phase incoherence caused by diffraction around cabinet corners.

But inside the box, there are some handy new features, too. A ground-lift switch on the audio input enables users to break an earth loop, and there’s a footswtich which, when pressed, bypasses the subwoofer and built-in crossover.

What’s more, KRK say that the on-board amplifier has improved heat-sinking, allowing the amp to run with lower distortion at high levels. They also say the noise floor of the amplifier has been lowered, and that the voicing of the ten-inch driver has been altered to provide “better mix clarity and precision”.

The KRK10S is shipping now at a cost of $399 in the USA and £299 in the UK. Visit KRK’s web site for further information.

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