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MIDI 2.0 specifications updated

Latest documents now available for download

MIDI 2.0 specification download

The MIDI Association and AMEI have announced that they have published four significantly updated MIDI 2.0 core specifications, as well as a brand new specification for a MIDI 2.0 SMF Clip File. The result of three years of meetings and prototyping, the updated documents consist of over 350 pages of detailed specifications that define the architectural foundations for MIDI 2.0, as well as the minimum requirements for devices to claim compatibility for the protocol and apply to use the MIDI Association's MIDI 2.0 logo.

At the 2023 NAMM show, Roland and Synthogy teamed up to demonstrate MIDI 2.0 High Resolution Velocity using an Apple computer and the publicly available version of Logic. Working prototypes of both Microsoft and Linux MIDI 2.0 drivers were also displayed, and companies such as Korg, Bome Box and Analog Devices all showed prototype products that implemented MIDI 2.0.

With product development continuing rapidly, the organisation are encouraging both individuals and corporations who are interested in the future of the technology to join as members. They are also working on plans to open the MIDI Association Github, which will contain tools and source code that may be used by all developers under a permissive MIT license.

The updated specifications can be downloaded for free from The MIDI Association’s website, which also contains a wide range of information detailing the development of the new protocol.

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