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Spitfire Audio release Abbey Road Orchestra Metal Percussion

Third instalment in new flagship series

Spitfire Audio Abbey Road Metal Percussion orchestral sample library

Spitfire Audio have released the latest instalment in their new flagship collection, which promises to deliver the most detailed range of sample libraries they have ever created. Abbey Road Orchestra Metal Percussion expands on the content provided by the Low and High Percussion packages, but, as the name suggests, turns its attention to all things metallic.

The company have sampled a collection of 58 percussive instruments for the library, which were played using a wide variety of standard and alternative techniques including mallets, brushes, sticks, hammers, bows and more, resulting in a total articulation count of 409. Discrete left and right hand performances have been captured, with patches featuring up to 10 dynamic layers and utilising up to 10 round robins.

As with the previous instalments, the library is hosted in Spitfire’s own plug-in, with a comprehensive mixer section providing access to a total of 16 different microphone mixes and signals.Two pre-configured mixes created by mix engineer Simon Rhodes occupy the first two channels, whilst a wide selection of individual signals captured at varying distances allow users to create their own detailed custom mix for each instrument.

What's Included?

Spitfire Audio Abbey Road Metal Percussion orchestral recording sessionAs well as sampling traditional orchestral percussion instruments, Abbey Road Orchestra Metal Percussion also captures some rather more unusual sound sources and playing techniques.Spitfire Audio Abbey Road Metal Percussion GUIAbbey Road Orchestra Metal Percussion's GUIThe full list of included instruments is as follows:

  • Anvils (3)
  • Brake Drums (3)
  • Suspended Cymbals (3)
  • China Cymbal
  • Spiral Cymbal
  • Splash Cymbals (2)
  • Crashers (2) & Stack
  • Giant Crasher
  • Piatti (3)
  • Scaffolds (3)
  • Tam Tams (2)
  • Temple Bowls (4)
  • Thundersheet
  • Trash Cans (2)
  • Oil Drum
  • Wind Gong
  • Waterphone
  • Agogos (2 pairs)
  • Cabassa
  • Cowbells (3)
  • Spring Coil
  • Sleigh Bells & Indian Bells
  • Triangles (3)
  • Finger Cymbals (2)
  • Guira
  • Mark Tree
  • Reco Reco
  • Windchimes
  • Chains


Abbey Road Orchestra High Percussion uses the company’s own plug-in, which is supported on PCs running Windows 7 and above, and Macs running macOS version 10.13 to 12. It is available in AU, VST2, VST3 and AAX formats. The download size for the library is 136GB.

Pricing & Availability

Abbey Road Orchestra High Percussion is available now, priced at $449£399 including VAT / €449.

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