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Minimal Audio update Rift

v1.0.2 released

Minimal Audio Rift

Minimal Audio's flagship processor, the innovative Rift distortion plug-in, has just been updated to v1.0.2. The update incorporates AAX versions of both Rift and its cut-down cousin Rift Filter Lite, and also adds a number of operational enhancements.

There are now eight different randomisation algorithms to choose from, which Minimal Audio say make modulations more fun and inspiring, and it's now also possible to modulate the filter's cutoff at audio frequencies, for generating harmonic-rich overtones. The filter can now also be tuned to various pitch snap presets (all the major scales and modes are represented), and those pitch snap settings will also be observed when switching global presets.

Rift is a remarkably deep and versatile plug-in, and one we greatly enjoyed using when we reviewed it in the October 2021 issue of Sound On Sound. To read the full review, click here.

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