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Moog to enter Eurorack market with Mother-32

Secret single-voice synth demoed at Knobfest 2015

Over the weekend Moog Music demoed a brand new standalone synth called the Mother-32 that can be mounted in a Eurorack modular synth system. Although we weren’t at Knobcon 2015 in Chicago, where the synth was premiered, reports have surfaced from various sources.

Moog logoWhat we know so far is that it is an all-in-ine synth voice with a single VCO, sporting a feature-set similar to the Werkstatt synth ( that we reviewed back in the March 2015 issue. 

According to those who have seen the new synth, it has 32 patch points, a built in 32-step sequencer with a 64-sequence memory, as well as MIDI and CV control and all of this for the astonishingly low price of $599! 

At the synth’s debut outing, Moog were reportedly not allowing any photography so there are no pictures of the Mother-32 yet. However, it is due to be launched in October so watch this space!

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