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Mulch on the Mac!

Audiomulch v2 launched
Among PC-based audio tweakers, Audiomulch has long been regarded as an essential tool for real-time processing and improvisational music composition. But since its inception ten years ago, it’s never run natively on a Mac, that is, until the launch of Audiomulch version two.

But it’s not just Mac-compatibility that has been made possible with the new version. The developer, Ross Bencina (yes, it’s just one man!), says that the new version is easier than ever to use, thanks to an overhauled Graphical User Interface (GUI) that supports drag-and-drop patching, among many other things. The acclaimed multi-parameter controller called Metasurface, which is built into Audiomulch, has been updated too, and it can now be automated and controlled via MIDI.

With these functions in place, and the release version of Audiomulch 2 available to purchase, Ross says he’ll spend his time developing and releasing new features that he hopes will make Audiomulch an even more powerful tool for, in his words, “audio mangling”! Audiomulch for Mac and PC can be trialled for 60 days free of charge. A full license costs $189 (£115 at the time of writing), with upgrades from version one to version two costing $89.

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