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Shure KSM ribbon mics

Crowley & Tripp technology branded with the Shure stamp
You might have noticed that we’re giving lots of column inches to Shure currently, but for good reason. You’ll find news on their brand new headphone range elsewhere on the SOS news pages (click here) and in the last issue of the magazine we reported on their new range of studio mics, as well as the acquisition of ribbon microphone brand Crowley & Tripp. The results of that acquisition are the subject of this news item.

New from Shure are the KSM313 and KSM353, both ribbon mics that use technology from the old Crowley & Tripp range. The KSM313 is based on the Naked Eye Roswellite and uses the same capsule material (Roswellite, as mentioned in the name) that Crowley & Tripp developed. It’s described by Shure as a ‘dual-voice’ microphone, meaning its front and back sides have different tonal pickup responses: the front is “warm and full” and the back is “bright and flattering”. Like the Naked Eye, the KSM313 is capable of handling extremely high SPLs — up to 146dB according to the manufacturers — and the resilience of the Roswellite ribbon allows it to be placed where conventional ribbon mics could be at risk of capsule damage.

The KSM353 also uses the Roswellite ribbon technology and is based on the Crowley & Tripp El Diablo, although it is plain silver in colour, rather than vivid black and yellow of its forebear. Like the KSM313, it can handle high SPLs, but it doesn’t have ‘dual-voice’ characteristics, instead it “delivers premier, completely symmetrical audio [frequency response] with superior off-axis rejection”.

The KSM313 and KSM353 cost £1374/$1560 and £3105/$3320 respectively, and are shipping now. 

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