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Musikmesse: Focal Shape monitors use passive radiators

New walnut-laminated nearfields announced in Frankfurt

Focal’s latest range of studio nearfield monitors have been designed, say Focal, with high definition, neutral midranges, wide/precise stereo imaging and acoustic transparency in mind. 

Unlike the majority of Focal’s other nearfield monitors, the Shapes are un-ported, sealed units. The task of maintaining an extended frequency response in such compact speakers has been achieved by introducing dual passive radiators to the side of each model. This tactic not only means that lower tuning is possible, but also that the monitors can be placed in close proximity to walls without the worry of rearward reflections and compromised accuracy.

Under the hood, Focal have introduced a newly designed a ‘flax sandwich cone’ woofer consisting of a layer of flax fibres between two glass fibre layers. The composition of materials is similar to that of the drivers used in Focal’s SM6 and SM9, and the more ‘natural’ aesthetic is paired with a Walnut-effect veneer that sits upon the MDF enclosures. The dimensions of each speaker cabinet in range have been painstakingly calculated to ensure a linear high-end frequency response.

The Shape models also boast a new M-shape inverted aluminium/magnesium composite tweeter with a stated frequency response that is linear below 6 kHz.

Several additional innovations have found their way into the Shape design: a ‘Neutral Inductance Circuit’ (or N.I.C.) reduces the effect of the woofer voice coils on their magnetic field whilst optimising tweeter crossover. Plus, around each of the drivers, Focal have employed a TMD surround system which optimises harmonic absorption ensuring a piston-like action reducing distortion and yielding a greater overall stereo image. And finally, class AB amps have been chosen to ensure optimal control over signal and dynamic range.

Each model also comes with protective grills and height-adjustable spikes to customise elevation and angle and threaded back panels designed for speaker brackets. The Shape 40 and 50 also include universal threads on their undersides for microphone stand mounting.

Shape 40, 50 and 65 models are shipping immediately after MusikMesse 2017.

Focal are distributed in the U.K. by SCV Distribution.

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