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NAMM 2021: Black Lion Audio release their first ever interface

Revolution 2x2 promises premium performance

Black Lion Audio Revolution 2x2

Black Lion Audio started life as a modding company, providing after-market upgrades to studio gear, in particular audio interfaces and converters like the Digidesign 192 IO. They've since branched out into building products of their own design, including microphone preamps, compressors and master clocks, but they've never released their own audio interface — until now.

Externally, the Revolution 2x2 is a fairly conventional two-channel interface. It's bus-powered (connection is via USB C), features two mic/line/instrument preamps, stereo monitor outs (duplicated on headphones), and a monitor control section with mono summing and a direct monitor blend knob.

Black Lion Audio Revolution 2x2 back panel

So far, so ordinary, but Black Lion tell us that its sound is something rather special, thanks to some serious over-engineering. For example, all of the Revolution 2x2's power rails are filtered to prevent noise from the digital circuitry or power supply entering the audio path, and all the components come from respected brands like Nichicon, Vishay and Wima.

Black Lion Audio Revolution 2x2 internalsThe unit also makes use of tech developed for Black Lion's own studio master clocks, employing the same minimum-jitter Macro-MMC clocking system as their flagship sync units.

To further sweeten the deal, each Revolution 2x2 interface will ship with a suite of software, including a copy of PreSonus Studio One Artist and plug-ins by Brainworx, iZotope and Plugin Alliance.

The Black Lion Audio Revolution 2x2 is due to become available in February, and will carry a price, in Europe, of €399 excluding VAT.

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