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New portable vocal booth from GIK

VISO Booth can be used on desktop or mounted on a stand

British acoustics experts GIK have announced a brand-new portable absorption device specifically for vocals, called the VISO Booth. Combining two 42x30x3.8cm panels, GIK tell us that the VISO Booth uses thicker Rockwool than its competitors, thus allowing it to reach lower frequencies. It can be sat on a desktop for radio and podcast-type work, or it can be mounted onto any mic stand thanks to its 5/8-inch mounting thread.

Though not available yet, GIK are offering a generous 15 percent discount to customers who place a pre-order deposit of £25 — bringing the total for early birds to £76.50, rather than the full price of £90. Click below to see a video of the VISO Booth in action.

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