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New Sound On Sound App launched: Smartphone and Tablet compatible

Offers Landscape/Portrait views, Pinch-Zoom, improved audio player and more!


SOS announces a major update to our Apple and Android Tablet Apps which launched on 21st January 2021. Now fully responsive and Smartphone compatible!  

SOS App on SmartphoneSOS App on Smartphone.This totally redesigned app is based on HTML5 to provide maximum compatibility across tablet and smartphone devices and it introduces many requested new features.

New Look 
We’ve redesigned the app to have a clean look with fast-loading, highly-responsive pages that adapt to different size devices and orientations.

Landscape View 
This uses the hamburger menu to select different articles. And, when reading an article, you’ll see a red sidebar listing the different sections for in-article navigation.

Portrait View 
Tap the hamburger menu, top right, when in an issue to see a full list of contents in the issue.

Tablet and Smartphone compatible 
Get the best from your devices whether at home, in the studio or on the move.

  • Tablet users can access both the new design, plus legacy issues back to January 2012 when we first introduced our iPad App.

  • On Smartphone, you can view our new design from the November 2020 issue (unlocked FREE download to try it out) and all future issues provided you are using v13.1 or higher SOS app.

SOS App for Tablet and SmartphoneSOS App now works on both Tablet and Smartphone.

Pinch-Zoom on Images & Adverts 
Back by popular demand! All images and adverts can be zoomed on any device for enhanced detail (November 2020 issue onwards). Tapping adverts takes you directly to the advertiser's website.

Improved Audio Players 
A full-function audio player with volume control and a jump 15 seconds forward/backward feature. Playlist mode enables the player to automatically cycle through multiple tracks while you read the article.

Download full issues (v15 or higher)
For offline reading, each tapped issue now downloads in full to your device. Issues can be removed at any time and downloaded again later, if required.

Use On 5 Devices
If you are an SOS Digital Subscriber bought from our website, you can use the app on any combination of iPad, iPhone, Android Tablet and Smartphones. (Not available on iTunes App Store or In‑app purchased subscriptions.)

SOS Digital Subscriber benefits

  • If you subscribe via the SOS website, for the same cost we give you access to all our locked web articles, plus you can download a Full Issue PDF of each monthly issue too, plus access the page-turning Replica Magazine. So, multiple ways to read the magazine each month... Any place, Any device - Any time!
  • If you are an iPad/iPhone user and subscribe via Apple’s App Store, you only have access to the app and do not get the bonus Full Issue PDF or access to our web articles. (You can cancel with Apple and start a direct SOS Digital subscription.)

Not a Subscriber? Click Here.

Finger about to swipe the SOS App on iPad in studio setting.Landscape view is now possible using our v13.1 (or higher) App. Our most-requested feature.


From 21st January you can download and install the new v13.1 app. We update regularly and continue to improve its functionality and features. 

  • Apple devices require iOS 12 or newer.
  • Android devices require v7 or newer.

Download the FREE 'Sound On Sound' App

Once installed, download the FREE November 2020 issue.

(Note the Apple site will detect your location and provide either the UK App for UK/Europe/ROW or the US App for USA, Canada and Americas.)

Apple App Store Badge

Apple App Store Badge


What happens if I don’t update?
You can continue to use the v12.0.2 app but you won’t be able to view any new issues.

Legacy Issues? 
Any single issue or issues that are part of your subscription will remain accessible on the tablet app, but you may need to restore your purchases after updating the app. See the FAQs in the new app's 'hamburger' menu for further help.

NOTE: Only issues from November 2020 or newer are available on the Phone app because they use a different format. There are no plans to convert pre-November 2020 issues and make available on smartphones.

Any Questions?
If you have any questions about the app or your subscription, please contact us.

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