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Novation audio interface sports USB hub

Interface powers your peripherals

Novation's brand new audio interface, as you might expect, is aimed squarely at the electronic music producer and performer. The Audiohub 2x4 is a compact audio interface and three-port USB hub that makes use of Focusrite audio technology — a sensible choice given that they are the part of the same company.

Audiohub 2x4’s built-in USB 2 hub will de-clutter your studio or live setup, by letting you connect any USB product, such as a Novation Launchpad, to your Mac, PC or iPad, providing you have Apple’s infamous Camera Connection Kit. The power supply included enables three USB 2.0 ports, otherwise bus-powering from your computer is available.

The box itself is made to travel and is made from aluminium, sports two low-latency inputs on RCA connectors and also has four “super loud” outputs. You can connect to the outputs either with RCA connects (of which the Audiohub 2x4 has four, or with a pair of balanced jacks. A separate headphone output on the front panel also allows you to monitor either channels 1 and 2 or 3 and 4 with the press of a button. Line level sources can be recorded at 96kHz in 24-bit resolution and zero-latency monitoring is possible with an ‘Input Monitor’ switch.

The Audiohub 2x4 ships with Ableton Live Lite and a 1GB collection of samples from Loopmasters. It will be available in October and will cost £159.99.

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