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Output launch pulsing instrument Signal

New instrument promises rhythmic synth sounds

Output, developers of the unique Rev instrument built exclusively around reversed samples (reviewed in March 2014), have released a second sample-based soft synth. Signal is dedicated to pulsing, rhythmic sounds, combining analogue and digital synth samples with a variety of organic instruments. In addition to a range of compelling and unusual sounds, Output promises an intuitive and user-friendly experience from an instrument that is “less about oscillators and Hz and more about making music”.

To this end, every patch features four main sliders each controlling a variety of parameters at once, making quick work of adjusting Signal’s range of morphing, evolving sounds. As well as assigning these sliders to a standard control surface, Signal supports the Jazzmutant Lemur touchscreen control surface and the TouchOSC iOS controller app. The instrument calls on a 40GB library of sound sources, up to four of which can be combined per patch. Signal’s pulsing samples all lock to host tempo, and there is a range of tools to further design your sounds, including loopers, step sequencers, arpeggiators and LFOs. Effects, including a convolution reverb, can be applied globally or per layer. It all adds up to a very intriguing instrument that we look forward to exploring. Signal is out now, priced $199.

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