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PMI Audio UK acquire Trident Audio Developments

Trident name returns to company founder
After some years of negotiations, it has been announced that PMI Audio UK have acquired “the trademark rights, intellectual property rights, goodwill and assets of Trident Audio Developments”.

The move sees the brand back with the company’s founder Malcolm Toft, who will continue to develop new designs under the Trident name. Commenting on the purchase, Malcolm Toft stated “Trident has always enjoyed a very high reputation for its products both from a reliability as well as technical point of view. Also, because my background is as a recording engineer, it has a very good understanding of the operational and ergonomic aspects of recording consoles together with an ability to design equipment that on critical listening tests is very pleasing to the ear.”

We’ll keep you up to date with the latest news from PMI and the Trident team.

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