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Recording The Masters magnetic tape brand launched

Original Agfa/BASF formula tapes get rebrand

French magnetic tape company Mulann have announced a brand new identity for its pro audio lines. The company owns the original formulas for analogue magnetic tape, some of which date back to 1950, created by Agfa and BASF. According to Mulann CEO Jean-Luc Renou, “These magnetic formulas deliver a very high sensitivity and dynamic sound quality. They also offer the capabilities to store data for several decades, far beyond what digital and optical media offer today.”

Aimed at professional and semi-pro recording, mixing, mastering and archiving, Mulann is expanding into the US, European and various other territories. Tapes to become available under the Recording The Masters banner include SM900, SM911, SM468 on the pro side, and LPR90 (a long-playing version of the SM900, backcoated 1/4-inch) and the LPR35, a long-playing version of the SM911, both for semi-pro/audiophile markets.

The company looks set to show their new tapes at the upcoming AES Convention in Paris this June.

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