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REON - Drift box, Wizlink & Loci II - Superbooth 2019

Video report

REON took the opportunity to show their updated Drift box range including: Drift box R analogue synth with MIDI /CV. Drift box S dual VCO analogue desktop synthesizer with 4-axis joystick controls and the Drift box SE which is a dual DCO 4-voice Paraphonic analogue desktop synthesizer, again featuring with a 4-axis joystick control.

They also showed two protoype products. The Wizlink modular system featuring VCO, VCF, VCA, EG and Mixer. Eurorack compatible using patch cables or you can use the built-in virtual patching which provides recall.

The Loci II MicroSinger FM synthesizer is a small pocket-size unit.

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