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Rhodes release V-Pan plug-in

Free to download until 31 January 2024

Rhodes V-Pan MK8 vari-pan modelled effect plug-in

The latest plug-in from Rhodes authentically models the Vari-Pan section of their flagship Rhodes MK8 piano, making it possible to the utilise the classic stereo panning effect on any other instrument or audio track within a DAW. V‑Pan boasts a simple, intuitive user interface while still offering a wide range of effects, and even better, is being offered as a free download until 31 January 2024.

Rhodes V-Pan GUI auto-pan plug-inV-Pan has a compact, simple GUI, but offers a wide variety of panning effects.The plug-in is a standalone module version of the Vari-Pan section from V-RACK, the company’s multi-effects plug-in, and offers a detailed emulation of the circuitry used in the hardware instrument. A variable Rate control offers speeds that start at ‘super-slow’ and extend up to audio rates, allowing the plug-in to produce a versatile range of effects that include synth and ring mod-style sounds, whilst a Depth control defines the amount of panning LFO applied to the source.

There’s plenty of control over the waveform itself, too, with a Vari-Wave fader allowing users to continuously morph from a square to ramp wave via sine and triangle shapes, along with Slew and Smooth controls that provide some additional shaping capabilities.

A Sync button makes it possible to lock the effect to the tempo of the host application, and when engaged, will cause the display to show note divisions as the Rate parameter is adjusted. With Sync disabled, the effect’s rate will be shown in Hz or kHz.

Pricing & Availability

V-Pan is available now, and will be free to download until 31 January 2024, after which it will be priced at $39.95£29.95 including VAT / €34.95.

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