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Ribbons on the road

Royer launch live range
Royer, whose studio ribbon mics are the top choice for engineers the world over, have announced a new line of mics specifically designed for use on stage.

The products in the Live series are based on the R121, R122 and SF24 studio mics, but have thicker, more durable ribbons, making them better suited to use on the road.

Royer say that, as a side-effect of the thicker ribbon elements, the new mics have “a slightly slower transient response, which translates to a very slight roll off of high end”, although they say that the resulting change in the sound is "negligible on live stages”, after tests on numerous instruments.

The new models sport red badges, as opposed to green ones, and cost the same as the studio models. For more information, visit Royer's web site.

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