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Spectrasonics Trilian

34GB virtual bass-instrument
Spectrasonics’ Trilogy virtual bass-instrument used a 3GB sample library as a starting point for producing bass sounds, and was described by SOS Editor in Chief Paul White as ‘essential’ in his April 2003 review. Now Spectrasonics have updated the concept with Trilian, a 34GB instrument described as a ‘Total Bass Module’. The long-awaited Trillian uses a 64-bit engine called STEAM to playback and manipulate sounds, including all the effects from Omnisphere.
Rolling bass-lines will take on a realistic edge with ‘round robin’ style sampling meaning that, when playing consecutive notes of the same pitch, each note is given a subtly different timbre to the last. Up to eight instruments can be stacked at different velocity ranges and spread across different note ranges, and can also be sent to diferent DAW channels for processing. Trilian is available now for £209 ($299), with an upgrade option available for users of Trilogy.
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