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Steinberg to ditch the dongle

Cubase & Nuendo devs commit to phasing out eLicenser

In a lengthy Twitter thread, Cubase and Nuendo developers Steinberg have committed to phasing out their long-standing policy of requiring users to have a dongle attached to their computers before they can use their software.

"The time has come to put our approach to license management at the center of our attention," say Steinberg. "An authorisation system shouldn’t get in your way... Anti-piracy protection technology shouldn’t restrict you as the customer, but secure your investment.

"It’s too early to announce details on the schedule or the new environment, but one thing is for sure: the future will be dongle-free."

We'll be bringing you news of their new licensing scheme as soon as we find out more, but in the mean time you can read the full Twitter announcement here.

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