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Tascam Gigastudio 4

Now available
We briefly mentioned the latest version of Tascam’s Gigastudio PC-based sampling software in a roundup of Tascam’s product announcements following the New York AES show in October.

Gigastudio 4 has the the ability to address 128GB of RAM (with 64-bit versions of Windows XP and Vista), which enables the user to load very large sample libraries without needing to stream audio from their hard disk.

Also, VST and GVI applications can be hosted by Gigastudio, meaning third-party virtual instruments can be used alongside sample patches inside the sampling software. When using GVIs in this manner, they have access to kernel-level processing within Gigastudio, which allows for lower latency than is possible with other DAW hosts.

Gigastudio 4 is available now, costing £329 including VAT. Upgrades are available for users of Gigastudio 3, starting from £109. Check out your local Gigastudio retailer for more information. Time + Space distribution handle Gigastudio in the UK.

Tascam +44 (0)845 1302511

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