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Yaeltex expand custom MIDI controller range

New mini faders, potentiometers, and RGB buttons

Yaeltex custom design your own MIDI controllers faders pots RGB buttons joysticks studio DAW DJ

Yaeltex are an Argentinian company who specialise in building boutique custom MIDI controllers. A small collection of preconfigured devices are available, however, users are also able to design their own using a selection of component parts, and have Yaeltex build a unit with the exact configuration they require. The company have announced an update to their range, offering new components for those wishing to design their own units, as well as introducing two new ready-made models.

All of the company’s controllers are compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, and Android systems, and are class-compliant devices, and so work without the need of any additional software or drivers. MIDI connectivity is provided by USB-B connectors, with In, Out, and Thru connections also offered on five-pin DIN sockets.

A Factory section on Yaeltex’s website provides a GUI where users can design their controller. Three enclosure sizes are available, each of which can be arranged vertically or horizontally, and the finished controller comes housed within a Lenga wood frame. In addition to specifying the controls on the unit, custom labels can be added, and the entire faceplate is printable, with the company offering a range of designs as well as the ability to upload a custom image.

Mini Elements

Yaeltex’s range of Elements provide the building blocks of a custom system, offering a selection of faders, knobs, rotary encoders, buttons, and joysticks which can be used in any combination. The latest addition to the range introduces three Mini Elements, providing users with the opportunity to load up their unit with more controls whilst using less space.

The first addition provides a compact set of four mini potentiometers. Sporting aluminium knobs with a spacing of 17.5mm between centres, the Mini Element occupies just a quarter of the space required by the regular potentiometer Element. A Mini Faders module equipped with four 45mm faders perfectly aligns with the new potentiometers, whilst the third addition includes eight RGB rubber buttons which use half the space of their full-sized equivalents.


Yaeltex custom design your own MIDI controllers faders pots RGB buttons joysticks studio DAW Ableton Live clip launcherYaeltex LIVE15 MIDI controllerMade possible by the introduction of the new Mini Elements, the LIVE15 is a mixer controller for Ableton Live  which also offers full clip launching control. Boasting a 15 channel plus master configuration, the unit combines basic mixing controls with a huge clip launcher grid, and is also a plug-and-play device which requires no mapping thanks to a custom remote script made by Yaeltex.


The second preconfigured device introduced with the update, the TR4MIX, has been designed to provide the perfect four-deck controller for Traktor Pro users. Once again utilising a selection of Mini Elements, the unit offers plenty of control with four built in banks of control, and also allows users to configure their own custom mapping schemes.

Pricing & Availability

All of the new products are available to order now. Due to the company producing custom orders in batches, exact shipping details can be obtained by contacting Yaeltex directly. Pricing information is as follows:

  • Custom Controllers - Starting at $210
  • Mini Potentiometers - $29
  • Mini Faders - $30
  • Mini RGB Buttons - $36
  • LIVE15 - $1623
  • TR4MIX - $626

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