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Zoom F3 unveiled

Palm-sized recorder records at 32-bit

Zoom F3

Zoom have just released a new model in their popular F series of portable recorders. The new F3 is a compact, two-channel recorder, sporting two phantom-power-capable mic preamps and capable of recording at up to 192kHz to a Micro SD card (maximum capacity 1TB). On the output side, the F3 features a stereo headphone socket as well as a stereo line out.

Central to its operation is a hi-res screen, which displays the waveform of what you're recording in real time. Power for the F3 comes from two AA batteries, which Zoom say provide up to eight hours of use. Alternatively, it's compatible with Zoom's AD-17 AC adaptor, and can also draw power from its USB-C port. The USB connection also allows the F3 to function as a two-in/two-out audio interface.

When paired with the optional BTA-1 Bluetooth adaptor, you can control the F3 remotely using Zoom's F3 Control app running on an Android or iOS device. The Bluetooth adaptor can also communicate with Timecode Systems' UltraSync Blue wireless timecode receiver to sync up with other recording devices.

Finally, as on the larger Zoom F6, the F3 is capable of recording at a bit depth of 32-bit floating point, essentially eliminating the need to worry about gain settings and clipping.

The Zoom F3 will be available imminently, and is priced at $349 in the States.

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