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Apogee HypeMiC

USB Microphone
By Paul White

Apogee HypeMiC

With its built-in analogue compressor, Apogee's latest USB mic aims to give you radio-ready recordings straight out of the box.

USB microphones are nothing new, and nor are Apogee new to making them — previous models include the original MiC, the MiC 96k, and their current model, the MiC+. However, the new Apogee HypeMiC takes things a step further: in addition to its USB computer/tablet connectivity, a headphone output with variable source/DAW mix monitoring and Apogee‑quality converters, it also includes a three-preset analogue compressor, designed specifically to flatter spoken or sung vocals.

Outwardly, the HypeMiC looks very similar to the Apogee MiC+, and uses the same medium‑diameter cardioid‑pattern capacitor capsule. It can run at up to 24-bit/96kHz and comes with an accessory kit that includes a substantial metal desktop tripod with 'tilt and pan' mic mount, a metal mesh‑screen pop filter and a semi-rigid woven...

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Published June 2019