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Audionamix Instant Dialogue Cleaner

Noise-reduction Plug-in
By Hugh Robjohns

Sanitise dirty talk on the spot with Audionamix's effective and easy-to-use plug-in.

One of the perennial difficulties with recording speech outside of a controlled studio environment — such as for location film or TV sound, or radio street interviews — is unwanted background noise. A little background noise is usually a good thing, as it helps to set the auditory context, but problems arise when it is loud or intrusive enough to degrade the intelligibility of what's being said.

Audionamix Instant Dialogue Cleaner plug-in.The key factors in good intelligibility come down to the basics: careful selection of the recording location, and appropriate mic placement and type. Get these three parameters right and the recording will generally work without problems, but often one or more of these factors may be out of the engineer's control, and so dealing with intrusive background noise is a common post-production requirement.

Many varied and increasingly sophisticated approaches and techniques have been developed over the years, including analogue spectral-band processing, digital noise-fingerprint systems and, more recently, noise/speech detection and separation using artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. The latest weapon in this increasingly sophisticated armoury of dialogue improvement tools comes from Audionamix. IDC, or Instant Dialogue Cleaner, replaces the company's previous SVC (Speech Volume Control), and apparently employs DNN-AI (Deep Neural Networks Artificial Intelligence) to detect speech within a recording, allowing its level to be adjusted independently of the background sounds — the Holy Grail of dialogue noise...

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Published June 2019