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Earthworks SV33

Cardioid Capacitor Microphone
Published January 2018
By Hugh Robjohns

Earthworks SV33

Earthworks have long been renowned for their top-tier instrument mics, but their latest offering is aimed at capturing vocals.

American microphone manufacturers Earthworks Audio are well known for their extensive range of ‘wide-bandwidth’ microphones, many extending out to 50kHz or so. However, the engineering behind this distinguishing characteristic is not so much about capturing ultrasonic sounds that ‘no-one can hear’, but is instead to optimise the microphone’s impulse response and time-domain behaviour — about which the company’s late founder David Blackmer was very passionate indeed (see box).

The company’s microphones excel in their time-domain performance, accurate transient responses, tonal neutrality, and well-controlled polar-patterns across the entire frequency range — and these attributes are all embodied in Earthworks’ latest development, the SV33, too. However, this new microphone is rather different from everything we’ve seen previously in the company’s portfolio, because it is primarily a studio vocal microphone, and priced to rival the leading European contenders in that market.

Unusually, Earthworks initially sent me an early production model of the SV33 — so keen were they that I should have time to evaluate this new mic in depth ahead of the publication deadline. This first example was finished in every technical respect except that manufacturing...

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Published January 2018