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RCF ART 712-A Mk4

Active PA Speaker
Published December 2017
By Mike Crofts

These powered PA speakers have a simplicity of operation that belies the powerful technology within.

Anyone who has used or been in the market for active portable speakers will more than likely have seen, heard or used an RCF product at some time. The Italian company, based in Reggio, are well-established as designers and manufacturer of transducers and speaker systems, and they have built up a fine reputation for quality and reliability over the years. Their ART range of portable loudspeakers have proved very popular, and the series is currently enjoying ‘Mk4’ status.

RCF ART 712-A Mk4The model I’ve been using for the last few weeks is the ART 712-A Mk4, which sits toward the smaller end of the range. The full Mk4 series offers the choice of eight-, 10‑, 12- and 15‑inch woofer-based two-way driver formats, with additional model variants in the larger versions offering the option of a 1.4-inch exit compression driver and, in the case of the 15-inch models, upgraded drivers, higher maximum output and lower crossover point (in the top-of-the-range ART 745‑A).

All the products in the current series use the same amplifier module (rated at 1400W peak, that is...

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Published December 2017