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Retrokits RK-005

By Simon Sherbourne

Retrokits RK-005

Retrokits' flexible MIDI interface proves that good things do indeed come in small packages.

Sometimes you stumble across a product that seems to have been made just for you, like the Retrokits RK‑005, and that fake sun‑screen bottle for sneaking alcohol into gigs.

The idea of a USB MIDI host isn't new, but the RK‑005 stood out to me as a host that can run from USB power and act as an intelligent MIDI merger between both USB and traditional MIDI sources. It deals cleverly with clock, and even generates an analogue gate output to drive Pocket Operators, modulars or Volcas.

USB devices plug into one end of the tiny RK‑005; multiple devices can connect via a regular USB hub. The other end sports a micro-USB port for power (I used a portable battery pack) and can also attach the RK‑005 to a computer or iOS device as a MIDI...

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Published March 2019