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D-A Converter
Published June 2018
By Hugh Robjohns


Though aimed squarely at the serious hi‑fi market, this class‑leading converter has plenty to offer in the studio.

The new ADI‑2 DAC is, essentially, a simplified version of RME’s ultra‑impressive ADI‑2 Pro A‑D/D‑A converter, which I reviewed in April 2017:‑adi‑2‑pro). Intended to appeal to the serious domestic hi‑fi market, this latest product has lost its sibling’s A‑D conversion facilities — but as you’ll see, it’s more than just a D‑A converter, and the reduction in functionality brings with it a substantial drop in price. Despite the primary targeting of the hi‑fi market, the ADI‑2 could undoubtedly serve a valid role in the studio as part of a very high‑quality monitoring chain, with its state‑of‑the‑art converters, versatile DSP, and a fully balanced and DC‑coupled...

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Published June 2018