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Make Your Guitar Sound ‘Shimmer’ | Audio Files

Hear For Yourself By Paul White
Published July 2010

Find out exactly what effects Paul White is talking about in this month's Guitar Technology.

The following audio files accompany this months' Guitar Technology feature (/sos/jul10/articles/shimmeringguitar.htm) on how to make your guitar sound 'shimmer' using chorus and other effects. The file names themselves should be pretty self-explanatory, but here's a little more detail:

Guitar Technology SOS July 2010 issue by Sound On Sound


The left side of this stereo track is dry (untreated), whereas the right channel is treated with a chorus effect.


The left channel is dry, whereas the right channel has a pitch correction processor on it.


The left channel is again dry, this time with a pitch shift processor on the right channel.


A simple chorus effect on a mono audio track.


A mono track with chorus effect followed by a modulated delay.


A mono audio track with a modulated delay.