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Mix Rescue: Simon Fitzpatrick | Audio

MP3 Audio Examples

Hear The Differences For Yourself!

Listen to the changes I made by checking out the following audio examples which I made during the mixing session:

The original bass synth sound, without any extra processing.

The same synth sound processed with Noveltech Character and Wave L1 Ultramaximizer.

This file shows how I made one of the drum fills into a feature by flanging it selectively under automation control.

The synth backing pad was treated to subtle chorusing courtesy of Universal Audio's Roland Dimension D plug-in.

On this submix of the guitars you can hear the effects of my processing choices: EQ cut at 175Hz and 1.2kHz, EQ boost at 8.5kHz, some subtle Noveltech Character, a small amount of overall compression, and a dash of Audio Ease Altiverb.

The final lead vocal benefited from a little pitch-correction, and a combination of plate reverb and tape echo effects. I also boosted a little with EQ in the mid-range and applied some 3.2:1-ratio compression.

Using automation I inserted a radio preset from Audio Ease's Altiverb just for selected sections of the lead vocal.

The mix that Simon Fitzpatrick sent in when asking for help.

My completed remix.

Published November 2006