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Studio One: Macro Machines

PreSonus Studio One Tips & Techniques By Robin Vincent

The Macros Toolbar is accessed by pressing the icon to the right of the 'Q' button.The Macros Toolbar is accessed by pressing the icon to the right of the 'Q' button.

Perform routine tasks faster with Studio One's Macros.

Macros help us perform tasks quickly. They've been a solid feature of Studio One for quite some time, allowing those of us who've found them to do common things without having to dig into the menus. I say "found them" because Macros are one of those things you probably won't know about until someone points it out, especially as the Toolbar that you use to access them is hidden by default. The key button that reveals the wonders of the Macro is that weird–looking icon at the top (just to the right of the 'Q' button).

In the Studio One 4.5 update, Macro Toolbars took on a more focused and creative view. They evolved from being a global workflow–enhancing tool into several specific collections of tools. So if you've never quite known what to do with them, now is a good time to revisit them, as you may find the new tools quite interesting.

The standard functionality has been improved as well. The first button on the Global Macro Toolbar is called Actions and seems to contain every single action that Studio One could ever perform. I'm not sure if PreSonus are expecting us to scroll through it looking for specific actions — perhaps they're just reinforcing the idea that Macros can be shortcuts to absolutely anything and everything.

The 'Name' Macro brings up a list of standard names for tracks like 'Vocals', 'Bass', 'Trumpet' and so on, which is very useful for the quick naming of tracks or ensuring your naming makes sense when you are about to send your project to someone else. There are some additional Macros on the right-hand side under 'Global', which do useful things such as open the Song Folder on your computer, turn all the effects off, or open the Plug-in Manager.

PreSonus have added a couple...

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Published May 2020