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Avid and Focusrite form alliance

Companies aim to provide best audio interface and DAW experience for PT users

Dave Froker, CEO Focusrite PLC, and Tim Carroll, VP of audio products, Avid, commit to future collaboration at NAMM 2016.

In years gone by, the names Focusrite and Pro Tools were frequently spoken in the same breath. Collaborations between Pro Tools makers Avid and Focusrite were responsible for the world’s first plug-ins to feature a fully skeuomorphic GUI (D2 and D3), the original Focusrite-designed Mbox interface that brought Avid Pro Tools software to the masses, and Control|24, Avid’s first mid-format console. Twenty-one years after their first collaboration, the two companies are in deep discussions once more, the results of which they look forward to announcing soon.

As Dave Froker, CEO of Focusrite PLC, comments; “We want to make the experience of using Focusrite hardware and Pro Tools software together the best possible experience for all our customers.  Avid recognises Focusrite as an ideal companion to Pro Tools and Focusrite recognise Pro Tools as the most mature professional recording platform for new Focusrite customers to adopt.”

Focusrite are the largest manufacturer of audio interfaces in the world and their interfaces highly regarded; from the Scarlett Solo interface for musicians just starting out on their recording journey, to their fully-featured RedNet audio-over-IP interfaces, used by audio professionals in Live, Broadcast and Music Recording.

"Avid is committed to giving artists the tools they need to create the best-sounding audio possible," said Tim Carroll, VP of audio products, Avid. “Focusrite shares that passion and is a key strategic addition to the rapidly growing number of leading technology providers that are using the Avid Connectivity Toolkit and Avid certification programs to develop solutions with that goal in mind. Focusrite interfaces provide the ideal hardware solution for Pro Tools”

We expect to hear a lot more from this partnership soon!

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