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Avid MBOX Studio

Versatile feature-packed desktop interface

Avid MBOX Studio audio interface pro tools monitor controller DSP effects re-amp

Avid have announced the release of the MBOX Studio, a new 21 in / 22 out desktop audio interface that also features monitor control and cue mixing facilities, DSP effects for low-latency tracking, and built-in re-amping functionality. 


The MBOX Studio offers four variable impedance microphone/line-level inputs, two of which also accept instrument level signals, and an additional four line-level inputs. There are two stereo monitor outputs, and two switchable line-level/Hi-Z effects loops (the returns of which share line inputs seven and eight) which allow users to integrate external processors, including guitar effects pedals. Some wireless connectivity is also provided in the form of two-way simultaneous stereo Bluetooth I/O, allowing users to stream music from mobile devices, or to Bluetooth headphones or speakers.

Avid MBOX Studio audio interface pro tools monitor controller DSP effects re-amp

A pair of Toslink connectors offer either eight channels of ADAT or two channels of S/PDIF I/O, with a further two channels of S/PDIF I/O provided by two coaxial connectors. A dedicated Hi-Z re-amplification output equipped with a ground lift resides on the unit’s front panel, along with a pair of headphone outputs, each benefitting from their own independent cue mix. There are also two expression pedal/footswitch inputs, and MIDI I/O is present on five-pin DIN connectors.

Monitoring & DSP

Avid MBOX Studio audio interface pro tools monitor controller DSP effects re-amp The interface offers some useful monitoring control functionality, with users able to switch between two pairs of connected monitors directly from the top panel (and also match their levels), with mono, mute, and dim functions provided. The panel also houses an integrated talkback microphone which can be routed to the cue mixes.

On-board DSP provides access to EQ, delay, and reverb effects which can be monitored via the headphone outputs, helping to maintain low-latency performance during tracking. The DSP is also used to power a built-in instrument tuner.


Avid MBOX Control audio interface software pro tools monitor control cue mix DSP effects re-amp Control over much of the interface's functionality is provided by the new MBOX Control software, which offers hardware and software routing as well as access to the built-in DSP effects. From here, users are also able to assign functions to four soft keys that are placed on the interface’s top panel, which then offer direct control over MBOX Control parameters from the interface itself.

In addition to the hardware I/O available, MBOX Studio also offers a Loopback function, allowing audio from other applications running alongside a DAW to be routed through the software, an ideal feature for those creating content such as podcasts. In addition to its integration with Pro Tools, the interface is also compatible with popular third-party DAW software packages such as Logic Pro, Cubase, and others.  

What’s Included

  • MBOX Studio audio interface
  • MBOX Control software
  • Pro Tools Studio software and plug-ins (one-year subscription)
  • Sibelius Artist software and mobile app (one-year subscription)
  • MBOX Ignition Pack plug-in bundle
  • USB-C cable
  • USB-C female to USB-A male adapter
  • Power adapter
  • Registration card

Pricing & Availability

The MBOX Studio will be available from 17 November 2022, priced at $899.

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