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Genelec announce GLM 4

OS X Catalina now supported

Genelec GLM 4

Finnish monitor veterans Genelec have just announced a major update to their GLM speaker-management software. GLM 4 brings with it a number of improvements, and will be rolled out with all new Smart Active Monitor (SAM) DSP-equipped speakers, as well as benefitting existing SAM speaker owners.

As before, the GLM system lets you hook up a measurement microphone, analyse your room acoustics, and then automatically adjust the DSP in your Genelec SAM speakers to optimise their response. The system works in any speaker configuration, from mono and stereo to surround and immersive setups, even up to an 80-speaker Atmos rig.

New to version 4 is compatibility for OS X Catalina. It also boasts a streamlined user interface, designed by UI expert Harri Koskinen, that Genelec tell us combines a clean look with logical and intuitive operation.

In terms of added features, GLM 4 brings new setup and control functionality for immersive speaker setups, and compatibility with a number of mastering, broadcast and film monitoring standards. Finally, GLM speaker profiles can now either be stored locally or in the cloud.

We first looked at Genelec's GLM system back in our 2015 review of the 8320A and 8330A monitors, but much has changed since then. For the latest info, check out Genelec's GLM 4 launch webcast at this link, which features special contributions from GLM users including Sylvia Massy, Morten Lindberg, Goh Hotoda and Nick Mac. The event starts at 6pm GMT, on Tuesday 15th December.

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