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GIK Acoustics Sound Blocks

New modular system joins acoustic panel range

GIK Acoustics Sound Blocks modular acoustic treatment panels

GIK Acoustics have announced the release of Sound Blocks, a new range of modular acoustic panels designed to allow users to configure custom acoustic treatment solutions for their spaces with a system that can be easily shipped and assembled on-site.

Each block measures 60 x 60 x 25cm (width x height x depth) and can either be mounted on the wall like a conventional acoustic panel, or interlocked together with built-in rails to create large, freestanding arrays. The depth of the panels make them efficient broadband absorbers, with GIK stating that they are still effective below 50Hz in all configurations.

Each Sound Block can be supplied in a range of response options, with users able to choose between full absorption, range-limited bass trapping, Alpha diffusion plates and the visually-oriented Impression plates. The modular nature of Sound Blocks allows arrays to be configured with any combination of these designs, allowing users to build a solution that suits their particular use. As usual, GIK Acoustics say that their design team are on hand to help customers configure a system tailored to their specific needs.

As well as the various options for the fronts of the panels, GIK also have a range of finish options for the rear of the devices. Users can choose to install the same veneer plates used in the Alpha and Impressions panels, but without the cut-outs to provide the Sound Block with a decorative rear face. This is particularly useful for freestanding applications such as using the system to create a false wall.

GIK Acoustics Sound Blocks modular acoustic treatment panelsSound Blocks feature built-in rails to connect panels

Slight variations of the product are available, with 'top', 'middle' and 'bottom' pieces each featuring different rail positions and mounting options to provide the interlocking functionality and allow users to create arrays of different heights and sizes.

More information along with configuration and pricing options can be found on the GIK Acoustics website.

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