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Jomox Alpha Base drum machine has built-in FM synth

New drum machine design launched at Superbooth

Jomox were demonstrating their drum machine at Superbooth in Berlin, called Alpha Base. It’s a completely new design from the company that created the XBase 09, 999 and 888. They are calling it “the best sounding and most versatile drum machine that Jomox has ever built.”

It has 11 voices, comprising an analogue kick drum, membrane-based analogue percussion, four sample-based voices with analogue VCAs and multi-mode resonant analogue filters, two further hi-hat orientated sample based voices with metallic noise that can be used as a sound source, another two sample-based instruments with external sampling inputs, and a four-operator, six-voice FM synth that’s been optimised for percussion.

Effects are built-in with delay and a reverb bus with send controls for each voice. Samples are held in the internal memory but can be supplemented with an SD card. 

In terms of connections, the Alpha Base has USB MIDI, 5-pin DIN MIDI in, out and through, and for outputs there are eight individual balanced outputs, a stereo balanced mix output and a headphone out. 

It is due to begin shipping in summer and should cost €1699.

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