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Klevgrand reveal Tomofon

Utilises the company's new Audio Model format

Klevgrand Tomofon Audio Model software wavetable synthesizer audio import modelling synthesis

Klevgrand have announced the release of Tomofon, a new software synthesizer which the company say is their boldest and most versatile instrument to date. Using a newly developed Audio Model format, Tomofon generates its sound by processing large volumes of waves extracted from audio files.

Audio Models

Tomofon converts audio files into sets of oscillating waves and maps them to Pitch Zones, with each wave representing one layer, similar to the way that samplers arrange velocity zones. Since the zones are populated with waves rather than samples, the synth engine is able to morph seamlessly and continuously between both layers and zones. The overall structure containing the created wavetables is referred to as an Audio Model.

An included Audio Model Starter Pack provides a selection of instrument and voice sounds, although Klevgrand are keen to point out that Tomofon doesn’t necessarily aim to imitate those sounds, but rather to use their content to generate something new entirely. Users are also able to import their own audio files, which can be distributed across different Pitch Zones either manually or automatically. Any audio can be used, although the use of monophonic content is recommended.

Editing & Modulation

Once an Audio Model is loaded or created, Tomofon offers a range of editing and modulation capabilities to assist users in crafting their patches. Editable pitch and layer depth envelopes are provided, with envelope times able to be controlled via MIDI velocity, and the instrument is also equipped with several LFOs.

A monophonic playback mode provides separate glide times for pitch and velocity, whilst polyphonic legato playback synchronises the envelope of newly triggered notes with those already playing. Up to four doubling voices can be created, each boasting their own pitch, pan, and level controls, and further processing opportunities are provided by the presence of built-in reverb, delay, and EQ facilities.


Tomofon is supported on PCs running Windows 7 and above, as well as Macs running macOS 10.10 or later, where it has been optimised for Apple Silicon processors. AU, VST, and AAX versions are available.

Pricing & Availability

Tomofon is available now, and is currently being offered at an introductory price of $99.99. After 4 Janurary 2023, the price will increase to $129.99. A demo version is available, and is fully functional but with occasional audio disruptions.

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