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Klevgränd Rum small room simulator

New reverb offers 10 small room emulations

Klevgrand Rum

Quirky Swedish software devs Klevgränd are fast making a name for themselves for catering to niches that bigger companies tend to neglect, and their latest plug-in is a prime example. Rum is a reverb processor but, rather than trying to emulate the sound of lush concert halls and chambers, it offers a number of lively but small spaces like bedrooms, offices, corridors and hallways making it an attractive proposition for anyone doing audio post work, especially.

Each of Rum's 10 rooms has six variations, and there are a number of global controls on offer too, including three different stereo widening algorithms, modulation, a ducker, a tempo-sync'able pre-delay, and low- and high-pass filters.

If the idea of small and unusual spaces appeals then Klevgränd's overview video (below) is a must-watch — especially given the plug-ins no-brainer pricing. Rum carries a normal price of just $39.99 for the AU/VST/AAX version and $14.99 for the iPad-friendly AUv3, but is currently selling for the even keener introductory price of $29.99/$9.99.

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